“The friend of humankind cannot recognize the difference between politics and the non-political. Nothing is non-political. Everything is politics.” Thomas Mann, The Magic Mountain

“Man does not live by politics alone.” Leon Trotsky, Problems of Everyday Life

These two quotes, from the one of the 20th century’s most literate revolutionaries and one of its most revolutionary men of letters, are what I hope to explore in posts on this site. As someone who thinks overly much about left-wing politics and about literature, I am excited to use this blog to work out my ideas having to do with both.

I started this site as a place where I could reflect mostly on literature and things literary, and that was what the blog was up to the end of 2011 . At that point, a personal crisis coincided with a gradual shift in my interests in the direction of Marxist theory, economics and history, which was reflected in the subject matter I started posting about. I still read and think about literature a lot, but it’s no longer a main interest, and hence no longer at the center of what I write here.

Unless it says so elsewhere, the posts here are written by me, Bill Crane. I am currently taking a Masters in Development Studies at SOAS, University of London, though I hail from the United States. My political views could be briefly described as being in the tradition of classical Marxism as expressed in the writings of Marx, Engels, Luxemburg, Lenin, Trotsky and Gramsci, and the theory and practice of the International Socialist tradition, broadly conceived as expressed by C.L.R. James, Max Shachtman, and Hal Draper in the United States and Tony Cliff, Chris Harman and Duncan Hallas in Britain (as well as many others in both countries). I am a member of revolutionary socialism in the 21st century.

My writings have been published by Socialist WorkerZNet, Red Wedge Magazine, Socialist Alternative, Strike! MagazineNew Politics and elsewhere. You may reach me if you so desire at catbert836@gmail.com.

You are welcome to share or reblog any of my posts, as long as you be sure to source to this site.


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